This gallery is a collection of 
			waterfall photographs near Ithaca, NY, and photographs of waterfalls in the Fingerlakes Region.


A photograph of Cascade Falls,one of the waterfalls in Watkins Glen State Park. Photo of the Upper Falls, one of three waterfalls in Letchworth State Park. Lick Brook, in Ithaca, NY, as a solid veil of ice. Salmon Creek Falls in Ludlwville, NY. Imagine climbing into an ice cave at Tinkers Falls.

This Gallery contains photographs of
waterfalls from many different streams in
the Fingerlakes region - waterfall
photographs from Watkins Glen and
Letchworth Falls to the west, to Ludlowville
Falls, Fillmore Glen and Carpenter's Falls to
the north, and Potter's Falls and Lick Brook
to the south. I have many more photographs
of waterfalls from the area near Ithaca, New
York, so if you have a request, please email me.


Carpenter's Falls deep in ice. Photograph of a distant, glowing waterfall. Ludlowville Falls framed in snow. A photograph of Potters Falls in Ithaca, New York. The waterfall at the Cowsheds in Filmore Glen State Park.


Cascade Falls, Watkins Glen

The top left photograph in this gallery is a rare picture of Cascade Falls in Watkins Glen
State Park, Watkins Glen, New York. The gorge is so steep that the sun seldom streams
down onto the waterfall. A great deal of planning, skill, and patience go into capturing
such a shot. We all pray for the lucky quick snap shot of one of the waterfalls, but if a
photographer is seriously pursuing the quest for exceptional photographs, many hours
(and often many failures) go into the effort.

The Upper Falls, Letchworth Park

The next thumbnail of the waterfalls was a photograph taken at Letchworth State Park.
This park runs along the Genesee River, which has eroded a steep canyon with
numerous breathtaking views. This waterfall has the distinctive name of "The Upper
Falls," and though not the largest, is perhaps the loveliest because of its intimate setting.

Lick Brook, Ithaca, NY

The next waterfall photograph is of Lick Brook in Ithaca, New York. This waterfall is in
part of Sweedler Nature Preserve, and is open to the public. To take this picture I had to
climb through an icy landscape to a steep-sided gorge, then ice walk up many smaller ice
frozen waterfalls to the base of the major waterfall. This is one of my favorite
photographs of Lick Brook -- wild and severe.

Ludlowville Falls, Ludlowville, NY

This gallery has two photographs of the waterfall on Salmon Creek in Ludlowville, New
York. It's beauty and charm hold up in all seasons. The summer photograph shows some
of the wildflowers that grow profusely below the waterfall. The winter photo in the
second row reveals the cavern behind the waterfall. This is a favorite swimming hole
for families in the summertime. Ludlowville Falls (also called Salmon Creek Falls) is
one on the easiest of the Ithaca waterfalls to walk to.

Tinker's Falls

Tinker's Falls is the last waterfall photograph in the top row. This 50 foot high
cascade has a cave behind the top part of the falls, from which I took this ice
walled photograph. The climb up to and bend the waterfall is strenuous and
very slippery so hikers must use caution, but the rewards of the view are worth
effort as you can see. I find myself returning often to take photographs of this
quiet, secluded waterfall.

Carpenters Falls, New Hope, NY

Carpenters Falls, near New Hope, New York, drops 80 feet down to a rocky
streambed. The summer hike is somewhat strenuous but generally safe done with
care, but the winter trek should only be attempted be seasoned winter hikers.
There are two other waterfalls below this one on the way down to Skaneateles Lake,
but the path is steep and difficult at places.

Potter's Falls

The second to the last of the waterfall photographs is of Potter's Falls on Six Mile
Creek just east of Ithaca, New York. This can be a tricky hike, at times balancing
along a huge aquaduct, or scrambling up a steep incline, but the woods are shady,
and the small, secluded swimming hole invites one to to cool off with a dip below
the waterfall. This is one of the less visited of the Ithaca waterfalls.

Filmore Glen Waterfalls, Moravia

Another Park that presents many opportunities for impressive photographs is
Filmore Glen State Park in Moravia, New York. The last photo in the bottom row of
this gallery is of the Cowsheds Waterfall. I like it best when the water flow is
moderate and reveals the rock structure behind it. There are many more falls along
the trail above the Cowsheds Waterfall, as well as rustic briges and the inspiring
glen (one of the photographs in the bottom row).

Waterfall Photographs Journal

Waterfall photo of Tinker's Falls coated with ice.Yesterday, in spite of (because of) the snowstorm I braved
my long, snowy driveway and drove up to Tinker's Falls to
take some frozen waterfall photographs. This shot is one of
several I was happy with. On this trip I didn't climb up
behind the waterfall because there were two other
obsessed people whose photographs I didn't want to spoil.
I'll try to return before the ice wall melts.


Considered one of the Ithaca waterfalls, Taughannock Falls swells to a torrent in spring. This was a cold, rainy day to go out to take more
waterfall photographs, but in spite of the rain and fog,
I felt elated to capture Taughannck Falls in it's spring
fury. The water roared over the precipice and the fog
would part and then roll back to obscure all but the very
top of the cliff. I was involved in a dance with the light,
the fog, and the torrent. Heady stuff.


Waterfall Photographs - Letters

Photograph of Ludlowville Falls on Salmon CreekOne visitor who was looking for waterfall photographs
was given this picture of Ludlowville Falls on Salmon
Creek. She wanted a winter view as well, but ended up
ordering two,saying,"I love every photo on your site so
you can see the problem in selecting out. It's the artist
in me. They're really spectacular. Appreciate all the
time you have spent to help me select pictures. Thanks
so much. Rosemary,"

Waterfall Photographs - Journal


Another one of the Ithaca waterfalls with a rainbow.

Soon I'll need to make a Ludlowville Gallery because of
it's beauty keeps bringing me back to record it's various
moods. This April afternoon shot caught the heavy spring
flow from our late snowstorm sending up a shimmering
rainbow. This is clearly a prime Ithaca waterfall to visit
and the ease of access makes it a perfect choice to bring
visitors to.



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