Sepia photographs recall
	 an earlier era of photography and cast a softer light on the subject matter.


A sepia photograph of Taughannock Falls in sunlight. A sepia print showing a distant waterfall with sunlight in the distance. An abstract sepia print of the center of an ancient log. A view of an open barn door with frosted weeds in front. The upper gorge at Robert Treman State Park in a sepia photograph.

Sepia prints offer a different perspective on
photographic imagery. The muting of colors
alters the relationships among the various
components of the subject matter. The softened
image can evoke memories of earlier times.

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Mist rising from a waterfall in Buttermilk Falls State Park, Ithaca, New York.  A sunrise seen through bare branches as presented in a sepia print. A sepia photograph of a posing swan. Three trees in sepia. Shadows casting a zig-zag pattern on a stoney path.