These photographs are centered on the beauty of Upstate New York.  
	The forests and waterfalls offer ample subject matter for photographic art.  The pastoral scenes reveal wonderful 
	abstract qualities of form, texture and color.  The abstract photographs are based in these natural forms.

A.S. Hnatko -



The Panoramas

These galleries contain photographs of landscapes produced on a larger scale than the traditional print. Each is a unique size best suited to it's subject matter. The prints are sold unmatted and will be shipped rolled up in a shipping tube. This is the safest shipping method for all but the two smallest sizes. If you wish to purchase one of the smaller panoramas already matted and/or framed, please email about the details and I'll quote a price. You may use the PayPal secure payment below or follow the directions you will find when you click "Prices." Packing, shipping, and insurance will be an additional 10% of the price- NY resident's tax of 8%.


This page presents the horizontal panoramas and the next page will have the vertical panoramas. All of these photographs are strictly limited editions which will be stated under its thumbnail prepresentation. Click on the thumbnail to see a slightly larger version. These small images can in no way give you an idea of the effect of the photographs in full size. They have an impressive impact on the viewer and never fail to elicit glowing compliments at shows or at the Ithaca Farmers market.

Rainbow Over Cayuga Lake


A perfect rainbow arching over Cayuga Lake

This photograph was taken the day a sudden and powerful storm developed while I was on a shoot of Taughannock Falls and its various waterfalls. After a quick dash to protect the photo equiptment I waited out the storm down by Cayuga Lake and was rewarded with a glorious rainbow that remained bright for over thirty minutes. Needless to say, I was out framing shots for as long as possible. Only a few came out as well as I had hoped for - and this is my prize panorama.


Size of actual photo: 6" h. by 16.5 w. (will frame out to approx. 10" by 20")


Edition of 35 prints: 26 left


Price: $125 unmatted

Late Summer Hay Bales


Hay bales scattered along the horizen



The upstate New York region has small farms scattered across its rolling hills just as these huge hay bales are scattered over the mown field. These always remind me of some ancient ruins -- like the Parthenon in Greece or the fallen temples in Italy. Another reference that leaps to my mind has caused me to name this panorama "Ozymandius."


Size of actual photo: 8.5" h. by 24" w. (will frame out to approx. 12.5" by 28")


Edition of 25 prints: 21 left


Price: $150 unmatted


Rhododendron Path


A pine bark path among blooming rhododendrons.



This panorama was taken at the "Mound" in Cornell Plantations, famous for its collection of exotic varieties of rhododendrons. The blooms begin in late May and extend through much of June, depending on the weather. Among the rhododendrons the visitor will find an extensiv collection of Hostas that their grandmothers could only about. Towering overhead are pine trees providing just enough shade for the understory plants. Scattered about are wooden benches offering a place to sit and enjoy the scene. A panorama like this is the only possibility of capturing the expanse of flowering beauty.


Size of actual photo: 9" h by 33.6" l. (will frame to approx. 13" by 38")


Edition of 5 prints: 4 left


Price $275 unmatted


Taughannock Falls Bowl in Winter


A Panoramic photograph showing Taughannock Falls in winter ice.



Taughannock Falls is framed in almost a crater that it has carved out over the millenia. The sheer sides of the cliffs rise up and curve slightly over the walls themselves so that the waterfall is almost never touched by the sun. The only time I've ever seen the water sparkle in sunlight was on midsummer's day. You can see the photograph I took that day. This day I was fortunate (read obstinate) enough to catch the sun breaching the top of the waterfall. The visual effect of seeing the sunlight streaming toward one through ice encrusted rock is breathtaking. The wide span of the photographic print gives a true sense of the immensity of the scene.


Size of actual photo: 11" high by 38" l. (will frame to approx. 14" by 43")


Edition of 5 prints: 5 left


Price: $300 unmatted



Autumn Hills Panorama

A range of hills covered with autumn foliage.



One of the few perfect days last fall gave me the wanderlust so I packed up my gear and did my best to get lost in the hills on small back roads. This is the vibrant scene I came on across the valley. I waited as long as I dared for the flock of Canadian geese to fly to the perfect spot. The little extra humidity in the air brought out an intensity of color that one rarely finds on the usually clear dry days of October.


Size of actual photo: 11" h by 44.5" w. (will framed out to approx. 16" by 49")


Edition of 5 prints: 4 left


Price $350 unmatted



Myer's Point - South

Looking down toward Ithaca New York from Myer's Point.


This view of Cayuga Lake is often guessed to be some cove in New England, even by residents of Ithaca, New York, but I took it just a few miles north of the city. It evokes the image of the many sailboats that skim the water in the summer, just as the seagulls are skimming it in this panoramic photograph. The light on the waters leads the eye down toward Ithaca with it's glacially carved hills rising up behind.


Size of actual photo: 10.4" h. by 45"l. (will frame to approx. 15" by 50")


Edition of 5 prints: 3 left


Price: $350 unmatted




The Prints

These photographs are printed on fine art paper, artist's canvas, or archival photographic paper using the newest pigment-based ink technology. These Giclee prints exhibit an exceptional spectrum and depth of color which has not been available until the past year. As well as brilliance of color, the purchaser will receive a work of art that will last for generations. The Giclee prints on canvas receive additional UV-blocking coatings and can be hung without glass protection giving a more intimate view of the art print.

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