These photographs are centered on the beauty of Upstate New York.  
	The forests and waterfalls offer ample subject matter for photographic art.  The pastoral scenes reveal wonderful 
	abstract qualities of form, texture and color.  The abstract photographs are based in these natural forms.

A.S. Hnatko -



The Panoramas

These galleries contain photographs of landscapes produced on a larger scale than the traditional print. Each is a unique size best suited to it's subject matter. The prints are sold unmatted and will be shipped rolled up in a shipping tube. This is the safest shipping method for all but the two smallest sizes. If you wish to purchase one of the smaller sizes already matted and/or framed, please email about the details and I'll quote a price. You may use the PayPal secure payment below or follow the directions you will find when you click "Prices." Packing, shipping, and insurance will be an additional 10% of the price- NY resident's tax of 8%.


To make certain that you are happy with your purchase, I offer a 60 day return policy. All I ask is that you use the original shipping materials and pay for the postage and insurance.


This page presents the vertical photographs. All of these images are strictly limited editions which will be stated under its thumbnail prepresentation. Click on the thumbnail to see a slightly larger version. These small images can in no way give you an idea of the the photographs in full size. They have an impressive impact on the viewer and never fail to elicit glowing compliments at shows or at the Ithaca Farmers market.

Vertical Panoramas


A perfect rainbow arching over Cayuga LakeTaughannock Falls on Midsummer's Day - Panorama Reflection of a cliff below Taughannock Falls. Taughannock Falls in autumn. Panoramic photograph of a stone path hugging a cliff-side.

Cascadilla Gorge in Autumn

The first panorama was taken in Cascadilla Gorge in the autumn. The gorge is so narrow that people seldom look up to see the cliff that was created by that rather small creek. The power of water is humbling. I've taken photographs of this cascade waterfall many times and each version reveals a delightful new aspect of the scene. Despite the fact that this is a shortcut for Cornell students, I often find myself alone and can savor the quiet peacefulness of this shady spot.



Size of actual photo: 35.4" h. by 11.5 w. (will frame out to approx. 41" by 16.5")


Edition of 5 prints: 5 left


Price: $275 unmatted

Taughannock Falls - Midsummer


Taughannock Falls faces east by northeast. Added to this fact is the presence of the cliffs that have been formed by the erosion of the waterfall and the winter freezes. These cliffs slope over the bowl-shaped canyon and cast a shadow across the waterfall, which already faces away from the sun's path. The combined forces of these factors severely limits the time when the sun actually shines on the falling water. To get this photograph, I camped out all day waiting for the exact moment to take my shots. Luckily, I had a sunny day. What are the chances of that in this area? My obstinence paid off and I used my 10 minutes to good effect.



Size of actual photo: 42.6" h. by 11" w. (will frame out to approx. 47" by 15.5")


Edition of 5 prints: 4 left


Price: $325 unmatted


Taughannock Reflection


Sometimes the "photograph" is not in the most expected place. It was a lovely sunny day, with a fair number of cameras pointed noisily at Taughannock Falls recording each drop of water flowing through the narrow gap above. As usual, I was hoping for a clear, unpeopled shot. While waiting, I wandered down to the stream below the bridge and, looking down stream, saw this beautiful reflection, unnoticed by all the others. Working as fast as i could, I caught this moment of quiet reflection.


Size of actual photo: 42.6" h by 13" l. (will frame to approx. 43" by 18")


Edition of 5 prints: 3 left


Price $375 unmatted



Taughannock - Autumn Sparks


Many of the photographs you have seen of Taughannock Falls in the autumn show a wonderful dispaly of firey Sugar Maples in high color framing the waterfall. The scenes are truely lovely, but aren't quite accurate. The photographer has used a filter or some other enhancing device. This is fine. They want to present a beautiful picture, and because there isn't a sugarbush at the Overlook, they interpret one. There really are Sugar Maples on the cliff that crowns the falls, though, and my favorite time is when there are just sparks of color to contrast with the dominant green of late summer.



Size of actual photo: 29" high by 11" . (will frame to approx. 34" by 15.5")


Edition of 5 prints: 5 left


Price: $325 unmatted


Cliff-Side Path


One of my favorite places is this stone trail that leads through woods, crosses and recrosses a large stream and snakes along the side of this sheer cliff. In late autumn the hiker can often be out of sight and sound of any other person. While walking upstream one comes across a number of waterfalls, large and small - some half hidden by foliage.


Size of actual photo: 11" h by 44.5" w. (will framed out to approx. 16" by 49")


Edition of 5 prints: 4 left


Price: $325 unmatted


The Prints

These photographs are printed on fine art paper, artist's canvas, or archival photographic paper using the newest pigment-based ink technology. These Giclee prints exhibit an exceptional spectrum and depth of color which has not been available until the past year. As well as brilliance of color, the purchaser will receive a work of art that will last for generations. The Giclee prints on canvas receive additional UV-blocking coatings and can be hung without glass protection giving a more intimate view of the art print.

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