These photographs are of such subtle 
		shades of color that they seem more like 'enhanced' black and white photographs.


A photograph taken from under the snow laden branches of a Camperdown Elm tree. A blue and white cornfield under a perfect winter sky. A photo of sunlit oak leaves against the winter snow. An old fashioned rail fence captued in a winter photograph. The remains of an old dead sycamore tree.

The discipline involved in framing and shooting a
photograph with a carefully limited palette of
colors is very much like that used when working
in black and white photography. I find that the
addition of a few subtle colors can add depth to
a scene without distracting from its form.

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Ludlowville Falls (Salmon Creek falls) photographed in winter. An icy Cascadilla Gorge captured in a photograph. Sunlight shining on an ice coverd stand of trees. A photograph of wildflowers blooming with ice. Winter willows photographed at Stewart Park, Ithaca, NY.