Autumn and Winter Landscapes
These photographs of autumn and winter landscapes show the beauty of the 
		varied landscapes in Upstate New York, near Ithaca, New York.


Landscape Gallery 2

Photo of a leaf-strewn Autumn path. A view down a leaf strewn path. A photo taken of a dock in autumn on Cayuga Lake with Ithaca, New York in the distance. Looking down Cayuga Lake toward Ithaca, New York in autumn. Autumn landscape photo of a pond surrounded with bright foliage. Photo of brilliant autumn leaves bordering a mown field. Dusk guilding the upstate New York landscape.

These photos show the beauty in the changing
landscapes of upstate New York, near Ithaca, New
York . The quiet dignity of the forest, fields, and
lakes shines from within each image. These landscape
photographs give proof that the Ithaca area rivals the
better known New England area in autumn beauty and
winter landscapes.

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landscape photograph.

A photo of three old bare maple trees against a sunlit sky. Three maple trees in a snowy cornfield. Snow floating down over old farm buildings. Photograph of the sunrise through a vanishing snowstorm. Lake effect snow whipped up on Cayuga Lake shoreline. Photo of the sun rising over a misty valley.

Autumn Landscape Photography

The autumn foliage of the Ithaca landscapes in upstate New York
is every bit as spectacular as that in New England. In some ways,
the open rolling countryside gives the observer a better view. In
a landscape
that gives broad panoramas of hillsides and valleys,
one can see vast expanses of brilliant color that would be hidden
by dense forests and steep mountains. The wooded paths that
thread through the Ithaca area are a highlight of the autumn

The ponds and lakes reflect the foliage colors of the mixed
hardwoods of our hedgerows and forests and give autumn
landscapes their continuing appeal to the collector. The farm fields
contrast strikingly with the trees that line their edges. The country
scenes become a perfect setting for photographing landscapes.

Autumn Landscapes Near Ithaca

The first two landscapes in the gallery are in Ithaca itself. One is
on the northern edge of the city and the other is on the shore of
Cayuga Lake looking south towards Ithaca. The three other
autumn landscapes are a little further afield, but still in the
Fingerlakes region. As fall progresses from gold to red, then
orange to rust, I wander the back roads and allow the light
conditions to determine which of the lovely landscapes I will
add to my collection of autumn photography.

The Autumn Hedgerow landscape was chosen as the basis for a
collaborative art show piece which is now being exhibited in the
Beard Building Gallery in Cortland, NY. The original autumn
landscape is on exhibit as a Giclee print for comparison.

Winter Landscape Photograpy

Winter is another perfect season for landscape photography.
The lush, seductive colors have faded and the photographer can
concentrate on the basics of composition - light, mass, and form.
The old barn or snow-blasted shoreline is just a vehicle for
fine art photographers to test their skills in composition. I love
the balancing act of playing light against dark, positive image

against negative space. The best of my photographs resolve
these elements into winter scenes that can be looked at as
landscape photography of the countryside or as abstract
compositions of light and dark - the holy grail of fine art

Winter Landscapes - Ithaca

Some would say that the phrase above is a tautology, but you
have already seen the autumn photographs so you realize that
the Ithaca area has a delicious variety of landscape palettes. I
love the winter landscapes for my work in photography. Many
of the photographs in this gallery were taken on my way to the
Ithaca farmers market where I have a booth in which I sell my
photographs and Giclee prints.

The first two photographs in the winter landscapes row were taken
early in the morning as I was driving to the market. Each was one
of those "slam on the brakes and hope no one is behind me"
moments. There were just a few minutes to photograph those
glowing clouds before the light would change. The snow falling in
front of my lens, in the second photograph was my challenge there.
Low light made it difficult to shoot the landscape without capturing
the streaks of snow that was falling. After some experimenting the
photograph came out well.

Landscape Photography Journal - Ithaca

Landscape photograph of giant trees on a misty morning.Not all perfect days for taking photographs of
landscapes are bright and sunny. I chose this
chill and misty day, just emerging from winter
to take an extended trip around Ithaca to explore
the more mysterious beauties that people often miss.
This photograph will be my first new print of the 2007
Ithaca Farmers Market season. It is a large Giclee
canvas of a mysterious landscape filled with giant Sycamore trees.

A Major Landmark of the Ithaca Landscape

Landscape photograph of giant trees on a misty morning.A feature of the Ithaca landscape has changed this
year with the completion of the new storage shed
at the Ithaca Farmers Market. The welcoming sign
has a new backdrop that sets it off well. The market
season has begun for Saturdays from 9 AM until 3 PM.
Come visit me in Booth 40 - in the middle of the pavilion.