The landscapes in the Fingerlakes region of Upstate New York are the perfect subject for fine art landscape photography and this gallery concentrates on the landscapes near Ithaca, New York.


One of my landscape photographs of Cayuga Lake taken near Ithaca, New York, just after a storm. Water rushing through Upper Enfield Gorge towards Lucifer falls in Robert Treman State Park. One of several landscape photographs of the rolling hills and fields of the Fingerlakes region just north of Ithaca, NY. Fine art lanscape photography of maple leaves by a stream bed. Landscape photography of an early spring forest with mist rising.

This Gallery explores the varied landscapes
of the Fingerlakes region. There are abundant
views of lakes (along with the streams and
rivers that feed them), fields, and forests. Fine
art photography thrives in this landscape.
These landscape photographs capture the
range of scenery, from lush to spare.

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Photography of Stone Steps leading down into the woods. Cayuga Lake photographed Bright Sun. Autumn landscape. Photography of typical upstate NY landscape in autumn. Photography capturing the peaceful mood at dawn. Great Blue Heron in a watery landscape.

Landscape formed by Glacial Scouring

The landscapes in the Fingerlakes region of upstate New York
consists of rolling hills, forests, and farm country that has
been shaped by the glaciers of the ice age. Cayuga Lake, just
north of Ithaca, New york, was formed by the deep scraping
of the ice pack, which left some of the deepest lakes on the
continent - some lake bottoms well below sea level. Cayuga
Lake itself is 435 feet deep, which is over 50 feet below sea

The hills were formed by some upthrusting of the earth's crust
which changed the landscape dramatically after the weight of
the ice was melted away. Other types of landscapes were
formed by the deposit of debris that had collected in the glacier
and were dumped as the glacier retreated. In fact, the glaciers
blanketed the Fingerlakes region with a deep layer of rich soil
that fostered the many
small farms to be found in upstate New
York landscapes. The farm fields are a favorite landscape
subject of mine and I often interrupt an errand to stop and
capture a fleeting mood the light has cast over a field.

The Landscape Photographs

My photographs of landscapes center on upstate New York
except for the last one on the top row. I slipped in a
touch of Maine there. My love of water shows with my three
water landscapes of Cayuga Lake from very different
vantage points. All three photographs were taken near
Ithaca, New York. Since I call the shots, I am putting the
water photographs into the landscape photography
gallery .

Upstate New York has the perfect mix of fields, lakes,
streams, and forests for the art of landscape photography.
I love to wander the back roads and hike down game trails
just to find out what's at the end. Most often I simply have
a pleasant walk. Occasionally I am greeted with a hostile
shout. But those times when I come across an unexpected
jewel of a view which allows for several good photographs
keep me restless to head out again.

Landscape Journal

One of the landscape photographs I took of Labrador PondYesterday I braved the snow in our
drive and literally plowed my way out
in the car. The roads were'nt too bad
and the snow was still clinging to the
trees. This is one of the landscape
photographs I took in that beautiful

One of the landscape photographs I took of Labrador PondSpring has finally come to Ithaca and
the Fingerlakes. The landscape is full
of wild blooming trees along the country
hedgerows. This is one of several spring
landscape photographs I took late last

One of the landscape photographs I took of Labrador PondThis mysterious landscape can be seen
in Buttermilk Gorge by the careful observer.
I think perhaps it's where the Hobbits live.