Photographs of Ithaca Falls and Cascadilla Gorge taken right in the midst of the city of Ithaca, New York.


Photo of Ithaca falls in winter ice. Photo of Ithaca falls in Autumn. Ithaca falls photo taken on July 4th. Photo of Cascadilla Gorge waterfall in autumn with a scarlet sumac. Spring foliage showing by Ithaca falls.

This Gallery contains photos of one of the Ithaca
waterfalls that is named after Ithaca, NY. Ithaca
Falls can be seen from the bridge that crosses
Fall Creek, but you can climb down to the creek
and walk up to feel the spray on your cheeks. The
real art in photographing Ithaca Falls lies in
choosing the most interesting flow of water over
its supporting rock structure. Too much water
and you have just a mass of white, too little and
the photo suffers. Click on the thumbnail
to see an even
larger version. Move the cursor
over each thumbnail to increase its size.

Photo of the waterfall below the stone bridge in Cascadilla Gorge. the stone Bridge in Cascalilla Gorge, Ithaca, NY. Ithaca Falls, the waterfall in all its fall glory. Photo of whitecaps frothing below Ithaca falls. Waterfall photo of the bridge over Cascadilla Gorge.


Ithaca Falls

Ithaca Falls is located very close to Ithaca High School and is a favorite
rendezvous of the students. This is one of the most accessible of Ithaca
waterfalls and can be seen easily from the street. There is a parking lot
just up the hill from Ithaca Falls. If you park there,you can walk down a
path to the stream and wend up to the base to feel the spray
of the
waterfall in your face. Lovely! But I have to be careful when taking my
photographs of Ithaca Falls, especially, or my lens will become fogged
up. Other Ithaca waterfalls take a little more effort to get to, but are
worth the effort.Just a few blocks further south is Cascadilla Gorge
with a series of lovely waterfalls.


Cascadilla Gorge

Cascadilla Gorge cuts up through the Cornell University campus
and provides a romantic short cut to the city of Ithaca, New York,
with many waterfalls along the way.The Cornell Universty students
use the path through Cascadilla Gorge as a short cut to the city.
Many present or former students would enjoy a photo of one of
these Ithaca waterfalls in Cascadilla Gorge to remind them of their
many walks through the gorge.

Since Ithaca is known for its many waterfalls, a gift of a photograph of
one of the Ithaca waterfalls becomes especially meaningful to a friend
living in the area, or one who has moved away. Choosing which one of
the many Ithaca waterfalls can be a pleasant challenge, but, of course,
Ithaca Falls has the same name as the city.


Ithaca Waterfalls as Giclee Prints

Most of these photographs of waterfalls can be ordered as Giclee prints
on canvases well as the traditional photograph print. The canvas prints
can be matted in the traditional manner, but with water-resistant mats
so that you can have the photograph framed without glass. This is only
one advantage that Giclee Fine Art prints have over a traditional fine art
photo printed on archival photographic paper. The canvas print will be
more UV resistant, which means that it will last even longer as a work of
art. Furthermore, the depth of color and definition of detail give added
vibrancy to the Giclee fine art print.

Both the photographs and the fine art Giclee prints of any of the Ithaca
waterfalls or of Cascadilla Gorge can be ordered with framing upon
request. I have The Picture House do my framing because the owner
works patiently with me in choosing the mat and frame. He is an
accomplished artist himself and therefore understands the importance
of every detail. A certain few of my photographs are presented on a
curved frame to compliment the subject matter. I have made one of the
lower falls in Cascadilla Gorge in Autumn. Just now I am working on
others of the Ithaca waterfalls to sell at the Ithaca Farmers Market.

Waterfalls Journal

Yesterday was a perfect day to visit two of the Ithaca waterfalls. The
sun was bright and high enough to cast great shadows on the falls. I
went to Buttermik Falls first and took my best winter photograph
I've had there. It's one of the most challenging of the Ithaca waterfalls,
I think. Then on to the second of the Ithaca waterfalls. The trail was
slick, but the ice sculpture of Ithaca Falls was crisply defined against the
rush of the sparkling water. It was difficult to choose which view to put
up on the site. Just a note, I found a site for rag rugs that named a rug
pattern after one of my photographs - great fun!

Ithaca Falls iced in bas reliefLater: Here is a close-up of one of the many ice
sculptures that I found
at those two Ithaca waterfalls
that day. Imagine seeing a sculpted wall of ice 150
feet high by 175 feet wide! Ithaca Falls is amazing.
Now the thaw has begun and all is a torrent of water
and mud.

Ithaca Falls iced in bas reliefIt is lovely to haunt any of the Ithaca waterfalls at this
time of year. The promise of spring is balanced by the
beauty of the frozen falls. This photograph shows the
ice still intact on Ithaca falls.

Ithaca falls, the first of the Ithaca waterfalls, displaying a perfect rainbow.Ithaca falls, the namesake of the Ithaca waterfalls,
was in full spring run off from our late snowfall. The
roiling mists captured a perfect rainbow arching at
the base of the waterfall. This was the first sunny,
warm day in several weeks and drew a small crowd
of visitors eager for the show.