These photographs are centered on 
			my fascination with the abstract qualities inherent in the flower form.


An almost oriental arrangement of a Rose Bay Magnolia branch with flowers. Apple Bloosons in a formally composed photograph. A photo of daffodils and fiddlehead ferns. Daffodils photographed in front of dark green silk. A photograph of a branch of Flowering Dogwood bracts in front of hand loomed linen.

This Gallery explores the impact that can be
achieved by setting up portrait shots of flowers. By
carefully controlling the photographic atmosphere
one can go beyond the pretty picture and create a
work of art. It's true that I've stretched the
definition of the word " flower," but the fallen
leaves seemed to belong in this gallery.

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Fallen leaves arranged as a still life photograph. Flowering Dogwood bracts arranged in a layered composition. Photograph of Red Maple seeds arranged against gold-colored silk . Sunlit lily photographed against a dark background. A formal bouquet of dried leaves and chrysanthemums.