Buttermilk Falls has a wealth of subtle beauty to photograph in it's many moods.


Lower Buttermilk Falls. The swimming pool and lower falls at Buttermilk State Park. Jewelweed blooming along the upper Buttermilk Falls Gorge. Buttermilk Falls in the autumn sunlight. Looking down on the swimming pool. Sunlit stream rushing by Pinacle Rock.

This Gallery explores the multiple delights of
Buttermilk Falls State Park in Ithaca, New York.
Most people around here are aware of the lovely
lower falls with the swimming pool, but the real
beauty lies above as you walk along the stream
bed. There are dozens of waterfalls, both large
and small, each with an individual charm.

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Pinacle Rock is a landmark feature of Buttermilk Falls State Park. Buttermilk Falls looking upstream. Daylilies blooming in front of Buttermilk Falls. Multiple waterfalls in the upper Buttermilk gorge Several cascading waterfalls in Buttermilk Falls State park, Ithaca, NY.

These photographs of Buttermilk Falls range through the seasons,
from spring to winter.Many visitors to the park don't realize that
there is much more to Buttermilk Falls State Part than just the big
waterfall and swimming pool. There are many smaller, but easily as
dramatic, waterfalls that churn through Buttermilk Falls Gorge above
the large waterfall.

Buttermilk Falls Itself

The first photograph above shows Buttermilk Falls in early summer
before the weather warms enough for the influx of swimmers. The
top row center gives an autumn view. The next photo shows
Buttermilk Falls and the swimming pool from the crest of the large
waterfall. In the bottom row you can see Buttermilk Falls in the
depth of winter. It took me several years to capture a winter
photograph of this waterfall that would please me. And the next
view is of the beautiful daylilies that crowd the bottom of the falls.


Buttermilk Falls Gorge

The remaining photographs were taken along the gorge above
Buttermilk Falls. This is one of my favorite hikes and always yields
beautiful surprises. The light is filtered into the gorge through
overhanging branches of hemlock and hardwoods and gives a
cooling dappled effect. It takes careful planning, and lots of
patience, but a photographer can take advantage of what might
be considered poor lighting conditions.

Buttermilk Falls Journal


A photograph of Buttermilk Falls before the softening of spring foliageAn exploratory visit to Buttermilk Falls yielded this
photograph of a brooding waterfall tumbling
toward it's destination. The overcast day infused
sense of mystery which I hadn't experienced
on earlier visits to Buttermilk Falls - at least at the
lower waterfall. Buttermilk Falls Gorge above the
swimming hole always gives that sense of mystery,
even on sunny days. I'm eager for spring!